Korg Z1 patch, bank, multiset and pattern editor

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Korg Z1 Editor 2004 (also known as the IAX Korg Z1 Editor) continues to be available here for a free evaluation.

Korg Z1 Editor 2004 is a powerful and comprehensive program for the amazing Korg Z1 synth, and has an excellent reputation among Korg Z1 users. See comments.

Korg Z1 users from many countries visit this site, try out the program for 28 days and then register. It is good to know that the program continues to be useful and appreciated.





Main features of the patch editor, bank editor, multiset editor and pattern editor

The program includes some great tools to help you:

 Create new Korg Z1 patches

The program can quickly generate 128 new patches from a single patch and create merged patches from any 2 patches

 Edit Korg Z1 patches

The program has a powerful, comprehensive patch editor with lots of handy features, designed specifically for the Korg Z1

 Organise Korg Z1 patches

The program features an advanced bank editor, with multiple sorting options and unique "rotate" tools for moving patches within banks. It also has flexible bulk import and export tools

 Select and compare Korg Z1 patches

There are powerful facilities for finding patches of particular types and then playing them back automatically on the Z1

 Keep records of your Korg Z1 patch collection

There are numerous tools for printing, copying and saving lists, including lists of all patches in banks and bank remap lists

 ....and much more

You will find much more on our other pages, including descriptions of the handy multiset and arpeggiator tools

Screen shot sequences showing features of Korg Z1 Editor 2004 in action

Description of some of the extra features, including Sound Morph

You can download the full-featured version 2.1 of the program from this page

Page has the information you need if you would like to register the program

Page contains answers and tips, and a link for any questions, comments and suggestions. All feedback is welcome